Join, discover and build valuable communities that connect the world’s professionals with the right people, knowledge and opportunities.


To nurture success through the power of community.

The Orbit Platform

Professional groups, networks, events and spaces bring people together and form communities with wealth of potential value. However building, managing and engaging a valuable community isn't easy.

Community managers and organisers quickly find their workflows, efforts and data spread across multiple products and services - many of which aren't built for their use case. This results in a fragmented, inefficient and broken experience for both organisers and members.

Orbit unifies a community, marrying a dedicated digital home for members to connect and engage, with an integrated back-office for organisers to build and manage a successful community.

We have designed Orbit specifically for professional groups and networks, obsessing over crafting meaningful interactions, designed to deliver busy professionals a valuable community experience.

As we grow we will be opening up our platform to enable the easy discovery of communities, events and spaces that help professionals succeed.


We started our journey in 2019 as we set out to solve a problem we had experienced first hand.

Having run a series of events for our local tech community, we wanted to deliver more value and better connect the people we had brought together.

Our research for the digital tools and workflows to achieve this painted a picture of fragmentation, inefficiencies, expense and a lack of innovation.

We set out building a tool to support our community and saw an opportunity to make this widely available to other community managers and organisers.

Through research, testing and iteration we have evolved the platform to what it is today, alongside our vision of what we want it to be.

We wouldn't have got this far without the help and continued support from our advisors, friends, family, organisers, community managers and Tech Nation , alongside the backing and belief from of our investors at SFC Capital .

Founding Team

We're a small team with big ambition. We've spent our lives designing and building technology to solve problems that we've experienced first hand, for millions of people worldwide.


We're backed by SFC Capital , with funding from private angel investors and British Business Investments .

Contact Us

Orbit is based in Milton Keynes, England. We work remotely and are slowly building a team passionate about community to help us grow our platform and network.

Whether you're interested in joining our team or supporting us with ideas, capital or connections, we would love to hear from you.

Get in touch
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