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A quick and easy way for your attendees or members to get to know each other and meet the right people, online and in-person.

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Smart networking online and in-person

Easily turn your event, network or physical space into a valuable networking opportunity by simply sharing a link or QR code with your attendees and members.

  • Quick to setup

  • Easy to use

  • Intelligent Matching

Spark meaningful relationships

Help members learn more about each other and develop meaningful relationships through rich profiles that break social barriers and prompt discussion.

Quick to setup, easy to join

Whether you're hosting or joining a space, Orbit Connect is quick and easy.
Desktop, tablet and mobile ready without the need to download anything.

1. Launch
Easily create and launch a space to connect in seconds.
2. Share
Share a link or QR code with the group to take them straight to the space.
3. Join
One click join for existing users, super-speedy onboarding for new.

Upgrade to unlock more

A white labelled networking platform with powerful features to supercharge connections, encourage collaboration and grow your network.

Support collaboration with opportunity sharing and introductions.
Generate and incentivise trusted member referrals.
Integrate with existing management platforms and hardware.

Orbit Connect is FREE

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