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Core Community Features

Orbit brings all the tools you need to build, manage and engage a valuable professional community together in one dedicated place.

Easy onboarding with access control and a lightweight CRM.
Allow members to discover and connect with each other.
Interest Groups
Thoughtful discussion with self organising topic based posts.
Easily share job and collaboration opportunities between your members.
Connect and engage attendees before, during and after an event.
Build and share a valuable content library of resources.
Product Communities
Stay connected with your members with updates and announcements.
Create open and private groups for curated discussion.
Learn more about your community and how it's performing.

Simple membership management

From effortless access control to quick and easy onboarding, managing your membership has never been easier with everything in one place.

Our privacy first approach puts members in control of their profiles and their data.

Orbit User Profile
Member Directory

Intelligently connect your community

Cultivate meaningful relationships in your community with member profiles that signal key skills and interests at a glance, and spark interactions through insights and prompts.

Members have complete control over their profiles and can choose to connect with each other to private message and exchange contact details.

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Spark thoughtful conversation

Posts are designed to help structure more thoughtful discussion, focussed on signal over noise. Curate topics to help self-organise conversation making it easier to browse and search.

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Cultivate collaboration and support

Make it easy for your community to share opportunities; from job vacancies to project partnerships, collaboration opportunities to member perks.

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Bring your community together

A lightweight but powerful events management tool allows you to create and manage events, online or in-person. Orbit builds an event community for attendees to keep them informed and connected before, during and after your event.

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Create a valuable content library

Bring all your valuable resources together in one place so they can be easily discovered, accessed and shared with your community; from websites to media, documents to book recommendations.

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Keep your community connected

Keep your community informed and connected with posts, announcements and direct messages. Orbit will also send daily or weekly digests of activity from across your community by email.

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Bring the right people together

Create groups to bring people together around a topic, activity or project. Allow others to discover and join with open groups, or hand pick the right people in a private group.

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Understand your community

Learn more about the people in your community and at your events, with meaningful analytics and insights on activity and performance.

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Ready to get started?

It takes less than 3 minutes to create your community and you can get started for free!

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